Music Remix

Did you know the most effective way to be introduced to a new language is through song? Music Remix will open you to the world of English, Spanish, and French with a timeless song that everybody knows The Happy Birthday Song. This course is not only full of languages but it is full of online instruments! Learn the basics of the piano, ukulele, and xylophone in this power packed course to introduce you to new languages.

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Virtual Instruments

Get inspired to learn new languages with this introductory online music course. Learn how to Sing the Happy Birthday song in English, Spanish, and French. Learn how to play the Happy Birthday song with our Online Xylophone, Online Ukulele, and Online Piano.

Try the piano by clicking the keys below!



Reinforce and teach the Happy Birthday Song in English to create a strong basis and reference for learning new words. Enhance the fun of learning by playing the Happy Birthday song using our Online Xylophone.



Learn Spanish with words you are familiar with using the Felix Cumpleaños a Ti song. Challenge yourself and learn how to play the song on the Online Ukulele.


It’s time to expand your knowledge by learning how to sing Joyeux Anniversaire song in French. Have fun learning using the Online Piano.


Listen + Download

The first step to learning is to listen to music. Studies have shown music to be a key contributor to learning a second language. Download the song and listen all day on any device.


Research has shown a connection between music and verbal memory which is why learners are invited to Read-Along and Sing-Along.


It’s always important to include a fun and interactive challenge when you are learning a new language. That is where our online instruments allow learners a new avenue for learning.


    Kinesthetic learning has been shown to be a key comprehensible input when learning new languages. Join us for a dance-along.

      Module Overview

      Introduction - Inspiration

      Learners will be exposed to a familiar song in 30 different languages. This will spark curiosity in learning new languages.

      Module 1: English and Online Xylophone

      Learners will transition to learning the words and the melody of the Happy Birthday Song in English. In our 4 part section of Listen, Sing, Play, and Dance, learners will be exposed to the song which will make it easier to learn in new languages. The third section will allow learners to learn how to play the Happy Birthday song with our Online Xylophone.

      Module 2: Spanish and Online Ukulele

      Our unique framework of Listen, Sing, Play and Dance, learners will go through three modules to learn how to sing the Happy Birthday Song in Spanish. The final module learners will learn how to play the Happy Birthday Song with the Online Ukulele.

      Module 3: French and Online Piano

      Learners will again complete 4 sections of Listening, Singing, Playing and Dancing the Happy Birthday Song. In this module learners will learn to play the Happy Birthday Song using the Online Piano.



      Beatriz G.

      “DJ Princess Ellie was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive, attentive, and patient. Our students enjoyed her show so much. She captivated our students and their families with her show that was full of interactive dancing and singing. Having her part of our student celebration was a great way to end the school year!

        Veronica A.

        “On behalf of all of the children and families that you touched with your kindness and love, we would like to let you know that we appreciate you so much! Your entertainment was so awesome and the manner you connect with everyone is priceless!”

        Karen M.

        “DJ Princess Ellie did a great job, performer extraordinaire at our Fall Event. She came prepared with a truck load of activities for the kids to play and participate in. She was so good to work with, professional, and prompt. From the moment she was on campus, she was ready to work and engage with the kids. We highly recommend her and will definitely book her again. I received several comments for kids and parents about how much fun they had with her.”

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