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Community Work


DJ Princess Ellie and the Mission of her non-profit Estadio Magazine is to promote literacy through the use of music and dance.

Community Impact and History

Princess Ellie is using her influence to donate books to children. Join us as we positively impact the future of our students with career panels, book drives, and career counseling.


The impact of my work is widespread. Over the years through my business and non-profit I have given away scholarships, done career seminars and trainings, and helped countless people get jobs. Recently Princess Ellie and her team performed several Pro-bono shows at schools and community centers where I donate my books, ran activities and volunteered by reading to children. Check out the photos of interactive reading time shows that I performed in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, CA.

2021-2024 Charity Projects

Princess Ellie Started the Princess Ellie Songbook Club to support teachers, students, and schools on a consistent basis. Charity projects included

  • Catalyst Scholarship
  • Book Donations
  • Educational Resources and Courses

2020 Charity Projects

Princess Ellie Started the Princess Ellie Songbook Club to support teachers, students, and schools on a consistent basis. Charity projects included

  • Drew CDC Backpack and Health Drive
  • Preschool Book Donations

2019 Charity Projects

Princess Ellie Started the Princess Ellie Songbook Club to support teachers, students, and schools on a consistent basis. She is donating:

  • 1000 Songbooks to 1000 Preschools in the U.S. this year
  • She donated her online educational cartoon to preschools nationwide – Visit

2018 Charity Projects

Princess Ellie Started the Princess Ellie Songbook Club to support teachers, students, and schools on a consistent basis. She is donating:

  • In collaboration with Drew CDC we gave away 400 backpacks to students
  • We donated over 100 Christmas Gifts to students in the Los Angeles Area

Charity Shows and donations this year have included:

  • Kidstock at Pretend City Children’s Museum
  • Book and T-shirt donations in Simi Valley Schools

2017 Charity Shows:

  • Webster Elementary Ms. Haller
  • Webster Elementary Ms. McDonald
  • Paradise Hill Elementary Ms. Jones
  • Rodriguez Elementary Ms. Delgado
  • Universe Multicultural Film Festival
  • Kidchella at Pretend City Children’s Museum
  • With Love Community Center

2012-2017 Community Work

Set on a Hill Community Programs in conjunction with our non-profit Estadio Magazine has impacted the community in numerous ways. Within the last three years we have already accomplished so much.
History1In 2012 we helped a High school student gain a summer internship position as a Bookkeeping Analyst where she learned how to reconcile account, use QuickBooks, and scale balance sheets. She earned $10 per hour as a high school student and learned a transferable skill that she can use in any city she decides to go to college in. That student, who was a triple minority—African American, female, in a single parent home– now has her first year of college paid for, due to our training in fundraising and saving for college.
history2In the summer of 2013 we hosted an Education and Career Fair where we brought in two
career panels, 3 speakers, and trained students on job, college, and career options.
The event was in partnership with two non-profits, Earth’s Angels Conference of Internal
Hope Fellowship Church and Solutions for Teen Life. The event was hosted by Almeda
Mall and the program benefited both non-profit organizations. Set on a Hill was glad
to be able to give away three scholarships during the event.
In the fall 2013 one of our students in our summer career and college training program, after applying the techniques we taught in our course, earned $27,000 in scholarships and grants for the 2013-2014 school year.
history3In 2014 we became partners with the Consulate General of Brazil in Houston. We also traveled to Manaus Brazil and Recife Brazil in order to connect with local avenues and to determine their needs. While in Brazil we filmed fan correspondence for MundoFOX.
In the fall 2014 we gave away $1150 scholarship worth of
credit to Thomas and Thomas Law Firm to two students for
a Pre-Educational Scholarship. This scholarship assisted
students before they start attending school, to preparehistory4
them to qualify for scholarships.
In 2015 we partnered with Rice University HACER program fundraise for a scholarship component to their club. Never in the history of HACER have they had their own scholarship fund, until now.
In 2016 we donated our live performances to multiple schools and children’s programs. We donated toys and books to international and local California elementary schools.Webster Elementary 2017.01.10 3
In 2017 we helped a dancer to prepare her for the Los Angeles market by creating a talent resume, producing her head-shots and producing two reels for her portfolio.
Become a part of our success in the community by partnering with us or becoming a volunteer.

Book Donations


The Estadio Magazine and Princess Ellie Book Club won a grant from the Ross Foundation to print and donate books to schools. Here are photos of schools we have donated to.

Artist Profile: DJ Princess Ellie

About DJ Princess Ellie

DJ Princess Ellie is a kids and family singer, DJ and author. Princess Ellie serves kids and families with music, books, cartoons, live performances, and charity programs. Her goal is to help children to love reading with the use of music and dance.

Through the Estadio Magazine non-profit and Princess Ellie Songbook Literacy Club she serves over 1000+ schools and 70,000 parents, teachers, and kids with book donations, scholarships, and educational resources.

Her live show is full of sing-along songs and move-with-me dance movements that get the entire crowd on their feet. She performs multilingual educational dance music that incorporates various languages and cultures including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean and so much more. She performs with a hip hop dance crew worldwide and has already performed all across the US, in France and in Spain.

Princess Ellie is the voice-over actress and animator of the kids cartoon entitled Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince which promotes literacy and incorporates music and dancing. Princess Ellie debuted her voice on Mundo FOX within two kids television shows called Estadio Magazine and Little Brothers Big Sisters. Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah, stage name Princess Ellie, holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston, Victoria.

She is the founder of the Estadio Magazine Inc. non-profit organization that has conducted college seminars, facilitated career panels and has given away scholarships. She is also the founded the Superpower Academy for Vocal Talent, Voice-Over Actors, and Singers to learn, market their skills, and grow. She is committed to promoting literacy by making learning fun through music and dance.

Notable Venues

DJ Princess Ellie performs worldwide! Here is a select list of past shows, schools, military bases and non-profits. 

Press and Testimonials

We have enjoyed working with EKAETTE “Princess Ellie Kids” at Pretend City’s Kidstock Festival every year.

They come full of energy, are engaging with both parents and children and are always professional. We always look forward to
having Princess Ellie and her group perform.

Leslie P.

COO, Pretend City Children's Museum

We had a wonderful experience at the Kid’s Concert with EKAETTE Princess Ellie.  The children were totally engaged in the interactive concern and are still asking when
will Princess Ellie come back. The Entire performance was age appropriate and fun for the children.

Ola Bailey

Ella Fitzgerald Preschool Drew CDC

She was so thoughtful in her approach to learn more about our community and incorporated Spanish in her performance, storytelling, and a celebratory
aspect which had our pre-teen students dancing with her on stage! I highly recommend EKAETTE Princess Ellie, she will enhance any event she joins with her warm smile, student-centered approach, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm for students learning in a fun environment.

Beatriz Garcia

Director of Programs, 826LA