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DJ Shows & Concerts

Family Concert & DJ Dance Party

Schools | Military | Camps | Libraries

Teens & Family Concert

  • Live Performance with Princess Ellie’s Original songs
  • All Genres: Family Friendly, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Country, Latin, Armenian, Top 40
  • Dancing DJ with Dance-Along Dance Tutorials
  • Dance Games
  • Crowd Interaction
  • Dance Competitions
  • Prizes


  • Hip Hop Dance Crew
  • Crowning Ceremony

Under the Stars Glow Stick Party

Schools | Military | Camps | Non-Profits

Glow Stick Dance Party

Includes Dance Competitions and Prizes

I AM THE DANCING DJ. That means I will teach the teens a dance to their favorite song, and they will dance along the entire night.
Freestyle! I also make a space for the kids to freestyle and to show their own dance moves!
This technique of dance tutorials is great for children who are unsure of their dance moves, and for children who are ready to show us their solo! We always have a good time.

  • Foam Glow Rods
  • Glow Sticks
  • Glow Outfits
  • Glow in the Dark Giveaways
  • Live Performance with Princess Ellie’s Original songs
  • All Genres: Family Friendly, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap, Country, Latin, Armenian, Top 40
  • Dancing DJ with Dance-Along Dance Tutorials
  • Dance Games
  • Crowd Interaction
  • Dance Competitions
  • Prizes





I have the entire internet at my disposal for songs. I have extra microphones for the you to sing together and do karaoke!

    • Karaoke Screen
    • Microphones

Dance Games



We always bring everyone together with games. Whether you can dance or not, everyone is welcome to join us for a fun game!

  • Ultimate Limbo
  • Party Freeze Dance Game
  • Hula Hoop Competition
  • Parachute Dance Game
  • Human Hula Hoop Ring Toss

Crowning Ceremony



We help parents create a special memory with their children by holding a crowning ceremony at our events! Imagine a row of kids holding up their balloon twisted swords as your child walks through! Then the parents crown their child to celebrate their life and their relationship. All children are royalty, make it an unforgettable memory.

  • Special Crown for the Celebrated Party 
  • Glowing Crown, Royal Crown, Toy Crown, Unicorn Crowns
  • Mini Crowns and Party Favors for Guests
  • Balloon Twisted Swords (Optional)
  • Official crowning speech by Princess Ellie

Dance Tutorials



We can also do dance tutorials. I have performed at several events where I taught the audience the dance moves and they danced along to the song. From audiences of 400 to nonprofit award ceremonies, to groups of kids and families. If you have a specific song that you want choreographed, I can do that as well.
Check out my A to Z Dance Moves Tutorial Videos Below.

Arts & Education

How to Create 101 Animated Character Voices

Theater | Acting | Film | Career

Careers In Film & TV

    Keynote Speech + Curriculum

    Amplifying Voice-Over, Film, TV, and Music Careers.

    Create over 101 Character Voices! Have you ever dreamed of being the voice in an animated movie? Do you want to learn how to be a voice-over actor in animated films and TV shows?  Now you can in the Character Creation MasterClass. Learn the process to create strong and unique animated characters and perform voice-overs for animated films.

    The Curriculum Includes the following options:

    • Online Course for Individual Use
    • Teachers Guide for Group Use
    • Group Film Project with IMDb credit (Add-on)

    Wildflower Planting Kids Concert

    Schools | Camps | Gardening | STEAM

    Glow Stick Dance Party

    Kids Educational Concert + Wildflower Planting

    The Wildflower Planting Kids Concert Promotes literacy through music and dance.

    The students will learn:

    1. How to deal with bullying
    2. About the different types of bees
    3. How to plant a wildflower

    At the end of the show the children will take home a seed to plant and a prize from the treasure chest.

    • Kids Concert | Sing-Along & Dance-Along Songs
    • Wildflower Planting | Take Home
    • Interactive Storybook & Cartoon
    • Prizes

    Great for Large or Small Events:

    We have performed this show for 500+ Campers and for small groups.


    TikTok Dance Party


    TikTok Kids DJ Dance Party

    DJ Princess Ellie hosts the Ultimate TikTok Dance Party! With hip hop dance tutorials, a TikTok Video Booth, a Glow Stick Dance Party, and TikTok Games, your kids and teens are going to have a blast.
    • Kids Concert
    • Dance Tutorials
    • Games and Obstacle Courses
    • Video Compilations
    • Glow Sticks
    • Prizes for Everyone

    Father Daughter Dance

    Military | Schools | Non-Profits

    Father Daughter Dance
    Superhero and Princess Dance
    Parent Child Dance

    Family Kids DJ Dance Party
    DJ Princess Ellie hosts the Parent Child Dance or Superhero and Princess costume party! Parents in Army, Navy, Marine Cops, Coast Guard and Air Force love to connect with their kids. Here is a positive collaborative outlet to make your children feel special and to spend time with your kids.

    • Costume Party – Superhero and Princess
    • Parent and Child Dance
    • Special Crowning Ceremony 👑
    • Limbo, Line Dances, Hula Hoop
    • Competition
    • Dance Tutorials
    • Live Performance from Princess Ellie with her upcoming Album “Daddy Daughter Dance”
    • Prizes for Everyone

    Artist Profile: DJ Princess Ellie

    About DJ Princess Ellie

    DJ Princess Ellie is a kids and family singer, DJ and author. Princess Ellie serves kids and families with music, books, cartoons, live performances, and charity programs. Her goal is to help children to love reading with the use of music and dance.

    Through the Estadio Magazine non-profit and Princess Ellie Songbook Literacy Club she serves over 1000+ schools and 70,000 parents, teachers, and kids with book donations, scholarships, and educational resources.

    Her live show is full of sing-along songs and move-with-me dance movements that get the entire crowd on their feet. She performs multilingual educational dance music that incorporates various languages and cultures including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean and so much more. She performs with a hip hop dance crew worldwide and has already performed all across the US, in France and in Spain.

    Princess Ellie is the voice-over actress and animator of the kids cartoon entitled Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince which promotes literacy and incorporates music and dancing. Princess Ellie debuted her voice on Mundo FOX within two kids television shows called Estadio Magazine and Little Brothers Big Sisters. Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah, stage name Princess Ellie, holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston, Victoria.

    She is the founder of the Estadio Magazine Inc. non-profit organization that has conducted college seminars, facilitated career panels and has given away scholarships. She is also the founded the Superpower Academy for Vocal Talent, Voice-Over Actors, and Singers to learn, market their skills, and grow. She is committed to promoting literacy by making learning fun through music and dance.

    Notable Venues

    DJ Princess Ellie performs worldwide! Here is a select list of past shows, schools, military bases and non-profits.