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Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince

Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince is a Songbook from the Princess Ellie Multilingual Songbook series. It is about a curious bee who has feathers instead of regular bee wings. Even though he doesn’t quite fit in, he and Princess Ellie find a way to help save their honeycomb by providing enough food and helping them learn to fly again. In the book the children will learn how to plant wildflowers in the spirit of bringing back the bees. The book includes riddles, a hidden butterfly on every page, and a song. The song featured in this book is called Spread Your Wings and Fly and is sung in English, Spanish and Korean. It comes with a book, song and music video. The songbook teaches you how to plant a wildflower, deals with self-esteem issues, discusses the importance of rest, and delves into finding a job.

Oh Holy Night – Santa La Noche – Cantique de Noël 

Oh Holy Night was written in 1843 as a poem by Placide Cappeau in French and was entitled Cantique de Noël. In 1847 Adolphe Adams composed the music for the poem and the poem, making it into the well-known Christmas Carol we know today.

Oh Holy Night is a well-known Christmas Carol that brings joy and warmth to the holiday season.

Princess Ellie created and illustrated a multi-lingual book called Oh Holy night which is written in English, Spanish, and French and features the songs in each language included in the book as a free MP3 download. All you have to do is just press play on each language and you will hear the story and be able to sing-along. Order a copy for yourself and one as a gift worldwide today!

Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No!

Have you ever had a crush on someone and wanted to find out if they liked you too? Did you ever try passing notes in class? This Valentine’s Day story has a twist as it takes you through the dream world of a little girl who likes a boy. Join in on their adventure by getting the ebook at Amazon today which includes A FREE SONG. You can read it on any device with the cloud reader or on your kindle.

Adventures with MyPhone

Adventures with myPhone is an action and mystery book. The reading level is Pre-K to Elementary. Join our friends as they navigate life using myPhone the smartphone.

Think Outside of the Box

Think Outside of the Box is a book from the Little Brothers Big Sisters Series. Are you being labeled by others to a point that it is causing discouragement. Well learn how the little brothers overcame the boxes that people put them in through a story full of rhymes and fun! Jump In to an exciting book today by purchasing Think Outside of the Box.

Artist Profile: DJ Princess Ellie

About DJ Princess Ellie

DJ Princess Ellie is a kids and family singer, DJ and author. Princess Ellie serves kids and families with music, books, cartoons, live performances, and charity programs. Her goal is to help children to love reading with the use of music and dance.

Through the Estadio Magazine non-profit and Princess Ellie Songbook Literacy Club she serves over 1000+ schools and 70,000 parents, teachers, and kids with book donations, scholarships, and educational resources.

Her live show is full of sing-along songs and move-with-me dance movements that get the entire crowd on their feet. She performs multilingual educational dance music that incorporates various languages and cultures including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean and so much more. She performs with a hip hop dance crew worldwide and has already performed all across the US, in France and in Spain.

Princess Ellie is the voice-over actress and animator of the kids cartoon entitled Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince which promotes literacy and incorporates music and dancing. Princess Ellie debuted her voice on Mundo FOX within two kids television shows called Estadio Magazine and Little Brothers Big Sisters. Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah, stage name Princess Ellie, holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston, Victoria.

She is the founder of the Estadio Magazine Inc. non-profit organization that has conducted college seminars, facilitated career panels and has given away scholarships. She is also the founded the Superpower Academy for Vocal Talent, Voice-Over Actors, and Singers to learn, market their skills, and grow. She is committed to promoting literacy by making learning fun through music and dance.

Notable Venues

DJ Princess Ellie performs worldwide! Here is a select list of past shows, schools, military bases and non-profits. 

Press and Testimonials

We have enjoyed working with EKAETTE “Princess Ellie Kids” at Pretend City’s Kidstock Festival every year.

They come full of energy, are engaging with both parents and children and are always professional. We always look forward to
having Princess Ellie and her group perform.

Leslie P.

COO, Pretend City Children's Museum

We had a wonderful experience at the Kid’s Concert with EKAETTE Princess Ellie.  The children were totally engaged in the interactive concern and are still asking when
will Princess Ellie come back. The Entire performance was age appropriate and fun for the children.

Ola Bailey

Ella Fitzgerald Preschool Drew CDC

She was so thoughtful in her approach to learn more about our community and incorporated Spanish in her performance, storytelling, and a celebratory
aspect which had our pre-teen students dancing with her on stage! I highly recommend EKAETTE Princess Ellie, she will enhance any event she joins with her warm smile, student-centered approach, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm for students learning in a fun environment.

Beatriz Garcia

Director of Programs, 826LA