Family Dance

DJ Princess Ellie hosts the Family Dance. This is a special and interactive experience where the children and the parents share a dance on the dance floor, receive a crown, and create an unforgettable memory.



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Here is a summary of what the Family Dance is all about!

Family Dance

There are 5 main components of the Family Dance! The Red Carpet, The Dance, The Crowning Ceremony, the Affirmation and the Connection Tables.

Red Carpet

Share a special red carpet moment with your child.

Family Dance

Share a special dance with your child.

Crowning Ceremony

Parents will crown their child to show them that they are royalty.


Parents will share an affirming word with their child. DJ Princess Ellie will help the parents write a special letter to their children before the event so that the parents can share this special encouragement with their children.

Connect & Learn

Connect with your child by visiting one of our Connect Tables where you can teach your child how to Tie a Tie, Knot, or Bow! 


Teach your child how to tie a neck tie or a bow tie.


Teach your child how to tie a knot. This can be a sailors knot, a lasso (Honda) knot, or a trucker’s hitch knot. 


Teach your child how to tie a bow. This can be a bow for a dress, a bow for a hair accessory, or a bow for a gift.

Special Music

DJ Princess Ellie will play Age-Appropriate music of All Genre’s from Line Dances, Tik Tok Songs, to Hip Hop, Country, Latin, Multilingual and so much more. DJ Princess Ellie will also perform from her new hit album Daddy Daughter Dance!

Daddy Daughter Dance
Mommy & Me
Teach me how to Tie a Tie
My DNA is Royalty
I'm Holding Your Hand From Here
What It Means to be a Man

Artist Profile: DJ Princess Ellie

About DJ Princess Ellie

DJ Princess Ellie is a kids and family singer, DJ and author. Princess Ellie serves kids and families with music, books, cartoons, live performances, and charity programs. Her goal is to help children to love reading with the use of music and dance.

Through the Estadio Magazine non-profit and Princess Ellie Songbook Literacy Club she serves over 1000+ schools and 70,000 parents, teachers, and kids with book donations, scholarships, and educational resources.

Her live show is full of sing-along songs and move-with-me dance movements that get the entire crowd on their feet. She performs multilingual educational dance music that incorporates various languages and cultures including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean and so much more. She performs with a hip hop dance crew worldwide and has already performed all across the US, in France and in Spain.

Princess Ellie is the voice-over actress and animator of the kids cartoon entitled Princess Ellie and the Feathered Prince which promotes literacy and incorporates music and dancing. Princess Ellie debuted her voice on Mundo FOX within two kids television shows called Estadio Magazine and Little Brothers Big Sisters. Ekaette Elizabeth Shammah, stage name Princess Ellie, holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston, Victoria.

She is the founder of the Estadio Magazine Inc. non-profit organization that has conducted college seminars, facilitated career panels and has given away scholarships. She is also the founded the Superpower Academy for Vocal Talent, Voice-Over Actors, and Singers to learn, market their skills, and grow. She is committed to promoting literacy by making learning fun through music and dance.

Notable Venues

DJ Princess Ellie performs worldwide! Here is a select list of past shows, schools, military bases and non-profits.