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Singers in Animation


Sing your heart out! Have you ever dreamed of singing in your own animated movie?  Now you can at Singers in Animation Camp. Learn the process to sing and do voice-overs for animated films. The final project will feature you in a short film! Sign up today.


1 Week-Long Camp | Monday-Friday | Meets 2 hours/day

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm PST (1:30pm-3:30pm EST| 12:30pm-2:30pm CST)
Ages 9-18
Live Daily Instruction
Virtual Online


For two hours each day, our camper will join new friends while learning character creation, vocal techniques, and script analysis from an expert filmmaker and music producer.

Character Creation

Campers will learn how to create voices for multiple characters. Campers will choose the voice they will use for their animated character on their journey of exploration and growth. This lesson will incorporate music rhythm and voice-over articulation techniques.


Breaking Down the Beat

Campers will learn how to read a script, break down a beat to make their words shine, and tools on how to make their read unique.


Songs for Animation

Learn how to stand out with a song for animation. From hitting the emotional notes to understanding how to incorporate sound effects in your song, the campers will have a blast with family friendly music.



Campers will learn the tools to record songs and voice-overs for animated films. Learn about home studios, remote recording with professionals, and making your mark with professionals.


Final Project

Showcase the completed Animated Short Film, where you are the star.  Friends and Family are allowed to purchase tickets to watch your online Premiere


Ekaette is the CEO of Set on a Hill. She has successfully written, produced, and animated 3 kids television shows and dozens of films from an idea to a successful TV & Streaming Premiere. She is the lead animator of Set on a Hill and has been recognized by winning film festival awards.

Ekaette performs children’s music as Princess Ellie where she performs worldwide at Family and Music Festivals and K-12 schools. She is the author and illustrator of 5 children’s books and producer of 5 children’s albums. She holds a BA from Rice University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Houston Victoria.


What is a virtual summer camp?

A virtual summer camp takes all the best parts of a traditional summer camp – fun activities, great camp counselors, and making new friends – and transfers them online. Virtual summer camps are a great way to add a bit of structure to your camper’s summer without (or in addition to) sending them to expensive sleep-away camps.

Campers enrolled in Set on a Hill’s summer camps cover everything from the reaches of outer space to the complexities of code to the wonders of weather. Campers will create, explore, and engage with groups of approximately 6-9 of their peers.

How do you make a virtual camp fun?

Making virtual summer camps fun is all about interactivity. After all, even educational summer camps are meant to be fun! A good virtual summer camp will be more than just an instructor lecturing a group of students or having them work alone on school-like projects. Set on a Hill’s instructors create engaging, fun experiences by blending on and offline activities to make sessions that get campers moving, learning, and collaborating. Campers will enjoy working with their peers to solve questions and make characters of all types, whether they’re a cyborg robot or a friendly neighborhood cartoon.

Why is online summer camp a great activity for kids?

Online summer camps offer learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in subjects they’re passionate about while making like-minded friends from across the country. While traditional summer camps can come with a prohibitive price tag or the need for nights away from home, an online summer camp can be a cost-effective and convenient way for your child to learn, socialize, and explore from the comfort of home on a schedule that works for the whole family.

Because online summer camps aren’t limited based on where you are, campers can also have experiences via video that they might not otherwise get to have, whether that’s exploring the depths of their voice or learning how to incorporate real and make-believe languages in their characters.  They get to do this alongside other campers with similar interests from all over the world and with expert instructors there to guide them every step of the way.

How do you do a summer camp at home?

Online summer camps make it easy for parents to provide their learners with engaging, interactive learning experiences from home. Students simply need to log in to their virtual summer camp from a computer or tablet and they’ll be connected with an expert instructor and new friends from around the world. For hands-on projects, summer camp supply lists are sent out well in advance and focus on easy-to-obtain household items so that online summer campers can enjoy innovative projects and parents can enjoy convenient setup.


Online summer camps also feature online and offline after-camp challenges, providing families with the option to engage in music and character activities related to the camp theme and giving campers extra opportunities to explore their favorite subject further.


Simply put, with basic a basic built-in computer microphone and an internet-connected device, any learner can attend an immersive and engaging online summer camp experience.

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

There’s no one right age for every kid to go to summer camp. That’s partially because every child is different and partially because there are so many different kinds of summer camp out there! While sleepaway camps are best for older kids, our part time, virtual summer camps can be a great solution for families who want to provide some structure for younger kids or who want their camper of any age to be able to experience a variety of summer activities without breaking the bank.

Are summer camps a good idea?

Yes, although not every summer camp is right for every camper. Summer camps are a great way to provide structure for your child and to allow them to meet lifelong friends. The best way to choose a summer camp is to look for something that they are interested in exploring in a format that’s right for them.


For campers who are either not old enough for sleepaway camp or families who want a little extra fun in their summer without breaking the bank, online summer camp (aka virtual summer camp) is a great option. In Set on a Hill’s virtual summer camps, campers will explore everything from dinosaur discovery to coding creativity for two hours a day over the course of a week. Led by qualified instructors and filled with both on- and offline activities, these camps get kids learning, collaborating, and (most importantly) having fun!