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Music Remix

Get inspired to learn new languages with this introductory online music course. Learn how to Sing the Happy Birthday song in English, Spanish, and French. Learn how to play the Happy Birthday song with our Online Xylophone, Online Ukulele, and Online Piano.

Online Instruments

Get started and get inspired by playing an online instrument. Try it below.

Course Content

Learning Objectives


Read more complex text supported by graphics or pictures.


Write or use familiar words and phrases related to everyday and academic topics.

Language Development

Apply to their learning of English a sophisticated awareness of the differences and similarities between their native language and English.

Creative Expression

Encouraging and inspiring learners to express in their native language and English


Participate in both academic and non academic setting requiring English. Initiate and sustain dialogue on a variety of grade-level academic and social topics.

Metalinguistic Awareness

Apply to their learning of English an emerging awareness of ways in which different kinds of language are appropriate for different tasks, purposes, and audiences.

Music and Dance

Historical and Cultural Foundations of Music and Dance.


Inspire learners to enjoy learning and to discover the joys of music, dance, and language.

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